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Dr. Wang is an expert in finding and characterizing exoplanets using radial velocity (RV) data. She is the PI for the RV×K2 ( and RV×TESS programs, which are simultaneous RV observational campaigns with Kepler/K2 or TESS to investigate stellar jitter – the bottleneck in finding Earth-like planets. She is the lead for the telluric study team for the NASA-funded probe mission concept study EarthFinder to investigate the RV precision floor set by the contamination due to Earth’s atmosphere which would limit us in finding Earth analogs. Dr. Wang is a member of the Magellan Planet Finder Spectrograph (PFS) team, NASA’s WIYN-NEID spectrograph team (RV precision <30 cm/s, coming in 2019), and the MINature RV Array (MINERVA) team. She is also a co-leader for the Magellan/PFS Southern hemisphere TESS follow-up program (2018-2021).


2016, PhD, Astronomy & Astrophysics, PhD Minor, Computational Sciences, Penn State University

2008, Bachelor of Science, Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow in Astronomy and Planetary Science, since 2016
Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism

Research Assistant / NASA Earth and Space Science Graduate Fellow, 2010-2016
Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Penn State University

Teaching Assistant / Lab Course Instructor, 2008-2009
Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Penn State University


Google Scholar Profile

Total publications: 18, with 5 as first/second author (1 under review & 6 in prep.), 13 others. Total citations: 735 (119 citations as first author), h-index: 15, as of Jan 2019. Four first-author and three co-authored papers to be submitted in 2019.

The Effects of Telluric Contamination in Iodine Calibrated Precise Radial Velocities 
Sharon Xuesong Wang, Jason T. Wright, Chad Bender, et al. 2018, ApJ/AJ, under review

Magellan/PFS Radial Velocities of GJ 9827, a Late K dwarf at 30 pc with Three Transiting Super-Earths
Johanna Teske, Sharon X. Wang, Angie Wolfgang, et al. 2018, AJ, 155, 4

The discovery and mass measurement of a new ultra-short-period planet: EPIC 228732031b
Fei Dai, Joshua Winn, Davide Gandolfi, Sharon X. Wang, et al. 2018, AJ, 154, 226

State of the Field: Extreme Precision Radial Velocities
Debra Fischer et al. including Sharon Xuesong Wang, 2016, PASP, 128, 066001

The Exoplanet Orbit Database II: Updates to
Eunkyu Han+, Sharon X. Wang, Jason T. Wright, et al. 2014, PASP, 126, 813
(+ Undergraduate student co-supervised)

The Discovery of HD 37605c and A Null Detection of Transits of HD 37605b
Sharon Xuesong Wang, Jason T. Wright, et al. 2012, ApJ, 761, 46

The X-ray Properties of the Submillimeter Galaxies in the ALMA LABOCA E-CDF-S Submillimeter Survey
Sharon Xuesong Wang, W. Niel Brandt, et al. 2013, ApJ, 778, 179


As PI of the RV×K2 and RV×TESS project ( Simultaneous Radial Velocity Observations with TESS and Kepler/K2 Campaign 16:

PI, Keper/K2 GO5 program, FY 2018 ($30,000)
PI, 5 nights on Keck/HIRES through NASA, 2017B and 2018A (total $29,000)
PI, 3.5 nights on IRTF/iSHELL, Dec – Jan, 2017
Co-I and Science PI, 28 nights on Automated Planet Finder at Lick Observatory, 2017B, 2018A, 2018B

PI, 4 nights on Magellan Planet Finder Spectrograph, 2018B