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Description of Expertise: Dr. Wang is an expert in radial velocity (RV) data analysis aiming at pushing the RV precision beyond the 1 m/s barrier. She is the PI for the RV×K2 ( and RV×TESS programs, which are simultaneous RV observational campaigns with Kepler/K2 or TESS to investigate stellar RV jitter. She is the lead for the telluric study team for the NASA-funded mission concept study EarthFinder to investigate the effects and mitigation of telluric contamination on precise radial velocities. Dr. Wang is a member of the Magellan Planet Finder Spectrograph (PFS) team, NASA’s WIYN-NEID spectrograph team (RV precision <30 cm/s, coming in 2019), and the MINature RV Array (MINERVA) team. She is also one of the organizers for the Magellan/PFS Southern hemisphere TESS follow-up program (starting 2018B).


2016, PhD, Astronomy & Astrophysics, PhD Minor, Computational Sciences, Penn State University

2008, Bachelor of Science, Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow, Sep 2014 – June 2016

Carnegie Fellowship in Astronomy and Planetary Science, since Sep 2016


Google Scholar Profile
Total publications: 17, with 5 as first or second author, 12 as contributing author.
Total citations: 669 (376 citations as first or second author), h-index: 13, as of Sep 2018. Three first author and additional coauthored publications in preparation.

Magellan/PFS Radial Velocities of GJ 9827, a Late K dwarf at 30 pc with Three Transiting Super-Earths
Johanna Teske, Sharon X. Wang, Angie Wolfgang, et al. 2018, AJ, 155, 4

The discovery and mass measurement of a new ultra-short-period planet: EPIC 228732031b
Fei Dai, Joshua Winn, Davide Gandolfi, Sharon X. Wang, et al. 2018, AJ, 154, 226

State of the Field: Extreme Precision Radial Velocities
Debra Fischer et al. including Sharon Xuesong Wang, 2016, PASP, 128, 066001

The Exoplanet Orbit Database II: Updates to
Eunkyu Han+, Sharon X. Wang, Jason T. Wright, et al. 2014, PASP, 126, 813
(+ Undergraduate student co-supervised)

The Discovery of HD 37605c and A Null Detection of Transits of HD 37605b
Sharon Xuesong Wang, Jason T. Wright, et al. 2012, ApJ, 761, 46

The X-ray Properties of the Submillimeter Galaxies in the ALMA LABOCA E-CDF-S Submillimeter Survey
Sharon Xuesong Wang, W. Niel Brandt, et al. 2013, ApJ, 778, 179


As PI of the RV×K2 and RVxTESS project ( Simultaneous Radial Velocity Observations with TESS and Kepler/K2 Campaign 16:

PI, Keper/K2 GO5 program, FY 2018 ($30,000)
PI, 5 nights on Keck/HIRES through NASA, 2017B and 2018A (total $29,000)
PI, 3.5 nights on IRTF/iSHELL, Dec – Jan, 2017
Co-I and Science PI, 28 nights on Automated Planet Finder at Lick Observatory, 2017B, 2018A, 2018B

PI, 4 nights on Magellan Planet Finder Spectrograph, 2018B